Perfomance Verification

GIPS and the New SEC Marketing Rule

How can small and mid-sized managers merge the requirements? As GIPS Verifiers, we are tasked with reviewing a firm’s claim of GIPS compliance. And while it is common knowledge that the GIPS Standards originated and are monitored by the CFA Institute, some may not know that the SEC holds jurisdiction over a firm’s claim of […]

What Sets Absolute Verification Apart as a GIPS Verifier?

When we present to prospective clients, we are often asked what sets us apart from other firms. As a husband-and-wife operation, we know that we are especially suited to work well with smaller firms and family firms. Our clients are firms who seek a personal approach in the services they engage. Their investment philosophies and […]

What Is The GIPS Verification Process?

Recently, an emerging manager considering becoming GIPS verified referred to the GIPS process as enigmatic. This firm spoke about the GIPS standards as if they were a blurry and ambiguous set of regulations. They were not the first to make their bewilderment this open and evident, and because other emerging managers have expressed similar misconceptions, […]

You’re Small and GIPS Verified? That Speaks Volumes

Our industry tends to define emerging managers as those managing less than 2 billion in assets. Some emerging manager programs have additional requirements about the number of strategies offered or whether the firm has women and/or minority ownership. What institutions and their consultants seek from an emerging manager, however, is the same. They want managers […]

Is The GIPS Verification Cost Worth It?

Firms approach GIPS Verification from many different perspectives. Some are looking to enhance internal controls surrounding the investment performance process. Others are aiming to distribute their strategies via a platform that favors GIPS-verified firms. And yet others know that many institutions invest their assets exclusively with investment managers that have been GIPS verified. While most […]

The Ultimate Beneficiary of GIPS Verification and Compliance is the Investor

Why is GIPS gaining in popularity? A minimum global standard for firms to calculate and present their investment performance makes sense for everyone: the asset owner, the firm, and the investor. When an asset owner, such as a pension or endowment, can compare confidently the performance of several investment managers and make decisions with accuracy, […]