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Why Choose Absolute?

We’re the best at what we do.

Our work is always top-notch, our disposition is always genial, and our fee is always fair.

Absolute’s seasoned professionals conduct the work on all engagements. We do not pass clients to entry level staff, and clients benefit from the perspective of our friendly, in-the-know, and experienced team.

Wes Western served two years on CFA Institute’s Verification Subcommittee and is now a member of CFA Institute’s US Investment Performance Committee. Leisa Western has served as CFA Society president. Our firm is on the cutting edge of industry best practices.

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Helping Investment Managers Since 2006

Institutional investors and their consultants know that when Absolute performs a verification, the firm is truly GIPS compliant.

We have an array of solutions to offer you at the drop of a hat―years and years of experience with the GIPS Standards will do that. We’ve been involved with GIPS one way or another since the Standards’ inception.

Our experience comes from careers that have put us in seats on every side of the GIPS table: investment manager, institutional marketer, accounting-firm auditor, and consulting verifier.

Our knowledge carries a unique, 360-degree perspective that is highly sought-after. That’s why our name is ubiquitous at financial conferences and at CFA member society meetings.