Our clients are certain of their compliance.

“It is rare to find a professional so attuned to the business and operational challenges facing investment advisers as they try to present their investment returns. I have had the pleasure of working with Absolute on prior occasions and look forward to each of our interactions.”

– MarketCounsel

No rubber stamps here. Institutional investors and their consultants know that when Absolute performs a verification, the firm is truly GIPS compliant.

We have an array of solutions to offer you off the cuff and on the fly―years and years of experience with the GIPS Standards will do that. See, we’ve been involved with GIPS one way or another since the Standards’ inception.

Our experience comes from careers that have put us in seats on every side of the GIPS table: investment manager, institutional marketer, accounting-firm auditor and consulting verifier.

Our knowledge carries a unique, 360-degree perspective that is highly sought-after. That’s why our name is ubiquitous at financial conferences and at CFA member society meetings.